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How do I obtain an instant quote on Weerg

Getting a quote for the production of your project is easy, thanks to Weerg. Upload your file into the platform securely using end-to-end encryption: our algorithm will analyse your file and simulate its production to offer you the best price on the market within seconds.

Enter all your design specifications within an intuitive and dynamic configurator: select the material and surface finish after machining, specify tolerances and features required, mark up threads and comments. Every time you change a specification, the price will be instantly recalculated. Finally, select the quantity required and the production mode: standard or express. If you choose express mode, your project will be shipped in as little as 2 days.

Below you can always keep an eye on your order's shipping dates and order value.

Weerg technologies

Weerg manufactures all parts in Italy, in our own 6000m2 factory in the province of Venice. The quality of Italian manufacturing can be perceived in every single part produced here: each product undergoes a double quality-check to guarantee its conformity to the required design.

Our aim is to make the work of those who order with us easier: that is why a consultancy and technical support service accompanies you at every stage of your order, to optimise the manufacture of your project. Contact our Support team directly if you have any doubts or needs, allowing us to help you with the realisation of your next project.

In a moment you will be able to start the configuration Do you already know which material to select for this project?