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ABS Medical

ABS Medical created for use in the medical field and made using innovative FDM technologies in the room at a controlled temperature, satisfies the need for a material with the highest health certifications, which can be used in medical contexts.

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ABS medical 3D printing


  • Certified as a medical device USP 88 class VI
  • Possibility of sterilisation
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Good mechanical strength and ductility


  • Only available in 'natural' colour to maintain certification
  • Over time, if exposed to UV it can yellow and can be damaged


  • 3D printing process: FDM
  • Tolerance: 0,6mm<100mm; 0,75%>100mm
  • Max size: 250 x 250 x 250 mm; 9,8 x 9,8 x 9,8 in
  • Lead time: <3 days



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Medical ABS, the result of innovation in 3D printing applied to the medical field, stands out as a certified and reliable solution. This advanced material, part of the ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) family, is specifically designed to fulfil the needs of the healthcare sector, finding wide use in the creation of prostheses, medical instruments and customised equipment for the well-being of patients.

Features and Production

Medical ABS is designed with a focus on maximum compatibility in the medical and healthcare environment. Manufactured through innovative FDM printing technologies in a temperature-controlled environment, it responds to the growing demand for materials that can offer the highest health certifications. This advanced manufacturing process is designed to ensure that Medical Grade ABS meets the strictest standards required in medical environments.


Certified as a medical device USP 88 class VI: ABS Medicale's main strength lies in its official certification as a medical device according to USP 88 class VI. This recognition underlines the commitment to the highest safety and quality in its use in medical applications, guaranteeing compatibility with the highest industry standards.

Sterilisation options: Medical ABS offers the flexibility of being subjected to sterilisation processes, ensuring safe use in critical medical environments. This makes it suitable for medical instruments and devices that require regular sterilisation procedures to maintain high hygiene standards.

Good Temperature Resistance: Equipped with good temperature resistance, Medical ABS maintains its mechanical stability even in contexts where temperature variations are frequent. This characteristic is crucial to ensure consistent performance in demanding medical applications.

Good Mechanical Strength and Ductility: Medical ABS offers a balanced mix of mechanical strength and ductility. This combination of mechanical properties is essential for the creation of prostheses and medical devices that must withstand varying stresses while maintaining flexibility.


Only Available in 'Natural' Colour to Maintain Certification: An important consideration in adopting ABS Medical is the limited availability of colours, limited to only 'natural', which is necessary to preserve health certifications. While this choice ensures regulatory compliance, it may be an aesthetic limitation for those seeking more varied options.

Yellowing and Damage: One aspect to consider is the potential yellowing and damage of medical grade ABS over time, especially when exposed to UV light. Although this is a common phenomenon in many plastics, it is important to carefully evaluate the impact of this aspect in medical applications, where aesthetic stability may be crucial. Evaluation becomes critical in situations where yellowing resistance and aesthetic stability are priorities, such as in long-term prostheses or devices exposed to sunlight.

Medical ABS applications

Medical ABS plays a key role in a wide range of medical contexts, demonstrating its versatility and reliability in creating customised solutions to improve the quality of care.

Customised prostheses: One of the most significant uses of this ABS is in the production of customised prostheses. Thanks to its advanced mechanical properties, this material enables the production of prostheses that are precisely tailored to the individual needs of patients. Certification as a USP 88 Class VI medical device underlines its suitability for applications requiring the highest compliance with health standards, offering a safe and reliable solution in the field of medical prosthetics.

Medical Instruments and Devices: Medical ABS is widely used in the production of instruments and devices specifically for the healthcare sector. Its resistance to temperature, combined with the possibility of sterilisation, makes it suitable for the creation of medical equipment that must withstand various environmental conditions and ensure maximum hygiene. The material's certification and physical properties help satisfy the rigorous requirements of the medical environment.

Versatility in Creating Customised Solutions: The versatility of Medical ABS is fully manifested in the creation of customised solutions for the healthcare sector. 3D printing with Medical ABS enables the production of customised devices, tailored to the specific needs of patients and healthcare professionals. This customisation can extend from the production of specialised surgical tools to customised support devices, emphasising the material's adaptability to the unique needs of the medical field.


In conclusion, the Medical ABS emerges as an advanced and certified solution that integrates 3D printing innovation in the medical context. Its careful design, realised using modern FDM technology in a temperature-controlled environment, reflects a commitment to the highest health certifications. This material, a member of the ABS family, is used extensively in the production of prostheses, medical instruments and customised equipment, contributing to the well-being of patients.

ABS Medical's strengths, such as certification as a USP 88 Class VI medical device and the possibility of sterilisation, place it at the top of choices for medical applications requiring safety and compliance with the most stringent standards. Its good temperature resistance, mechanical strength and ductility make it versatile, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of demanding medical contexts.

However, it is essential to carefully consider the issues that need to be controlled, such as the limited availability of colours and the effect of UV exposure over time. Despite these points, Medical Grade ABS is positioned as a key resource for those seeking advanced and certified solutions in the field of medical 3D printing. Its versatility and conformity to medical requirements make it a durable and reliable choice to satisfy the specific challenges of the healthcare sector.


Tensile breaking load 43 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 1400 MPa
Elongation at break 6%
Flexural modulus 76 MPa
HDT 0.45 MPa 81 ºC
Izod impact resistance 16,1 kJ/m²


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