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Tough PP-like resin

This thermosetting resin is formulated to reproduce the mechanical properties of Polypropylene. High ductility and resilience are the characteristics that distinguish it and make it excellent in applications with repeated stress and vibrations.

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Tough PP-like resin 3d printing


  • Very high resilience and impact resistance
  • Ductile behavior
  • Mechanical properties similar to those of Polypropylene


  • On thin thicknesses it may appear translucent
  • Limited thermal resistance
  • Not recyclable


  • 3D printing process: LSPc (3D resin)
  • Tolerance: 0,3mm<100mm; 0,3%>100mm
  • Max size: 274x155x400 mm; 10.8x6.1x15.7 in
  • Lead time: <2 days

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Tough PP-Like Resin has an excellent impact resistance and can withstand shocks and vibration. It will not crack or break easily and has a good balance between stiffness and flexibility. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require a high degree of durability and strength.


Ductile behavior

Tough PP-Like Resin has also a good balance between stiffness and ductility. It is highly ductile, meaning it can be stretched and deformed without cracking or breaking. This makes it great for applications where flexibility and durability are needed, such as living hinges, structural components, and mechanical parts.


Mechanical properties similar to those of polypropylene

Despite being a resin, Tough PP-like material has mechanical properties very similar to those of Polypropylene with the advantage of the precision and smoothness of the resin.

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The Resin Tough PP-Like emerges as a robust alternative to the well-established Polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer renowned for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. However, the Resin Tough PP-Like is not merely a substitute; it is a leap forward, an evolution aimed at precisely emulating the commendable mechanical properties of PP while simultaneously bringing distinctive advantages that position it at the forefront of relevance and innovation in the realm of advanced polymeric materials.

Its careful and targeted formulation not only aims to recreate but also to elevate the mechanical performance of Polypropylene, introducing a new standard of strength, ductility, and versatility. The Resin Tough PP-Like goes beyond being a mere alternative; it emerges as a reliable ally, expanding the possibilities of application in sectors that demand high mechanical performance and unparalleled adaptability. In this context, the resin becomes a catalyst for innovation, contributing to redefining the standards of excellence in the vast world of thermosetting polymers.


High Resilience and Impact Resistance: The Tough PP-Like Resin stands out for its extraordinary ability to maintain its structural integrity even in the face of significant impacts and shocks. Its exceptional resistance to dynamic stresses makes it a prominent choice in applications subjected to intense solicitation. This robust characteristic instills reliability and durability into products utilising this resin, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Ductile Behaviour: The resin exhibits ductile behavior, demonstrating the ability to deform plastically before reaching the breaking point. This ductility plays a crucial role in situations requiring flexibility and the capacity to withstand deformations without compromising the structure. The ability to adapt to dynamic conditions without fracturing makes it a suitable material for a wide range of applications, from the production of mechanical components to structural engineering.

Mechanical Properties Similar to Polypropylene: The Tough PP-Like Resin is precisely formulated to accurately replicate the mechanical properties of Polypropylene. This positions it as a robust alternative to this widely used thermoplastic polymer. The ability to maintain similar mechanical characteristics allows for a seamless transition in sectors traditionally employing Polypropylene. The reliability and consistency of its properties make this resin a trustworthy choice for applications demanding high-level mechanical performance.


Transparency in Thin Sections: An aspect to carefully consider regarding the Resin Tough PP-Like is its tendency to become transparent in thin sections. This may pose a drawback in applications where opacity is essential. The transparency could limit its potential applications, thus necessitating a meticulous evaluation of its compatibility with specific contexts and aesthetic requirements.

Limited Thermal Resistance: Another aspect to bear in mind is the resin's limited thermal resistance. In environments characterized by high temperatures or significant thermal stresses, the resin may exhibit constraints. This factor is particularly relevant in applications where thermal stability is critical to ensure optimal long-term performance. Therefore, it is essential to carefully weigh this disadvantage during the design and material selection phases.

Non-Recyclable: The Resin Tough PP-Like has the drawback of not being recyclable. This characteristic may have significant implications from an environmental and sustainability standpoint. Thoughtful material management becomes crucial at the end of the lifecycle of products containing this resin. Environmental considerations and recyclable alternatives can guide the decision-making process in adopting this resin based on specific needs and sustainability goals.

Applications of tough pp-like resin

Due to its remarkable characteristics, the Tough PP-Like Resin finds extensive use in various applications, showcasing its versatility and adaptability to diverse industrial contexts.

Components Subject to Mechanical Stress: The exceptional impact resistance of this resin makes it an ideal choice for applications involving intense mechanical stress. Parts subjected to dynamic stresses, such as structural components and mechanical parts, benefit from its ability to maintain structural integrity even under significant pressures.

Humid Environments: The low water absorption rate of Tough PP-Like Resin makes it particularly suitable for humid environments. Applications requiring moisture resistance, such as components in marine environments or exposed to adverse weather conditions, can benefit from the dimensional stability offered by this resin.

Precision and Smoothness for Mechanical Parts: The precision and smoothness of the resin make it an excellent choice for parts requiring precise fits, such as mechanical components. Its ability to maintain tight tolerances contributes to the production of high-performance and functional parts, making the resin suitable for sectors like mechanical engineering and tool manufacturing.

Transparency Considerations: However, it is essential to consider transparency on thin thicknesses in specific application contexts. Applications requiring opacity may necessitate a careful and personalized evaluation to determine the resin's suitability in specific situations. This consideration becomes fundamental in material selection based on the aesthetic and functional requirements of the final application.


In conclusion, the Resin Tough PP-Like stands out as a robust alternative to the traditional Polypropylene (PP), presenting a range of distinctive advantages in the realm of thermosetting resins.

Its remarkable resilience and impact resistance bestow significant robustness upon this resin, making it suitable for applications that demand the ability to withstand dynamic stresses without compromising structural integrity. This characteristic becomes pivotal in sectors ranging from mechanical engineering to the automotive industry.

Despite certain limitations, such as potential transparency in thin sections and limited thermal resistance, the Resin Tough PP-Like demonstrates considerable adaptability across diverse applications. Its versatility shines particularly in environments subjected to mechanical stress and humidity, where its impact resistance and low water absorption make it an ideal choice.

The precise formulation of the resin, designed to faithfully replicate the mechanical properties of Polypropylene, further solidifies its relevance in the industrial landscape. This attribute positions it as a significant choice for sectors requiring a thermosetting material capable of maintaining mechanical characteristics similar to Polypropylene, thereby expanding options for the design and production of critical components.

In essence, the Resin Tough PP-Like emerges as a promising material, fostering innovation and contributing to progress in sectors demanding durable, versatile, and reliable materials. Its combination of resilience, adaptability, and distinctive mechanical properties places it as a worthy consideration in the expansive realm of thermosetting resins.

"As beta tester I used this Tough PP-Like Resin for a project and was really impressed with the results! It offers the same properties as Polypropylene, making it perfect for those who need the durability and strength of this material. I'm delighted with the outcome and highly recommend it for any application that requires the properties of Polypropylene."


Tensile breaking load 35 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 1300 MPa
Elongation at break 100%
Flexural modulus 1300 MPa
HDT 0.45 MPa 52.8°C
Izod impact resistance 62 J/m


"This Tough PP-Like Resin from Weerg is an incredible material for those who need the durability and strength of Polypropylene. The result I got was very good, and I'm very pleased with my purchase! Highly recommend!"



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