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Great for mechanical applications where low friction and good corrosion and wear resistance are required

Bronze is a versatile and high-performance alloy, which excels in some specialist applications. An example is the mechanical components and transmission parts subject to wear and strong pressures. It is an easy metal to process both for casting to create detailed rough, and for chip removal to create features with excellent finishes and tight tolerances.

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Types of Bronze

Bronze 12

ASTM C90800

  • CNC Lathing
  • CNC Fresatura
  • CNC Foratura

The CuSn12 bronze alloy is suitable for use in all mechanical applications where excellent resistance to friction and wear is required. Some ...


Production technologies

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The production of axial symmetrical components with dedicated turning centres, means a reduction in costs and provides the best possible product for customers
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CNC milling entails the controlled removal of material using a milling cutter, the geometry of which determines the type of processing and the shape that can be created. The ability to move the cutter in a controlled and autonomous way from a computer makes it possible to automate production and use ...
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CNC drilling is a process that, together with other operations such as centring the holes, boring, threading, countersinking, boring and tapping, unlike other processes, are not ...

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