What is CNC machining?

CNC technology is a highly automated manufacturing process that uses numerically controlled machinery and allows a finished part to be produced by removing material.

CNC machining is characterized by a high level of precision and the preservation of the mechanical properties of the materials used. Weerg, a leader in CNC processing, offers excellent quality solutions for your production needs.

CNC Machining: Precision and Quality

CNC machining by Weerg allows you to get parts machined, both in plastic and metal, to their full technical specification. It is the ideal choice to produce perfectly functional parts in quantities ranging from a single part or prototype up to runs of 1000 parts in a matter of days.

CNC Machining: Applications

CNC machining is widely used in a variety of different fields, including automotive, aerospace, medical and many others. Due to its precision and ability to machine a wide range of materials, this technology is the ideal choice for the production of high-quality components.