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Delrin POM-C

POM-C is a performance polymer that lends itself well to mechanical applications thanks to its good mechanical properties combined with chemical resistance, wear and creep. Its characteristics also make it suitable for applications in the food sector.

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Delrin pom-c cnc machining


  • Good mechanical properties in wide-ranging temperatures
  • Suitable for direct contact with food
  • Oil and fats good inertia


  • Minimum tolerance ±0.10 mm


  • Process: CNC Machining
  • Tolerance: ISO 2768-1 medium (m) class. Info
  • Max size: 500x500x140mm ; 19x19x5.5 in
  • Lead time: <4 days


Delrin POM-C, also known as polyoxymethylene, is a polymeric material characterised by exceptional tribological properties and remarkable wear resistance. This polymer is characterised by its outstanding mechanical properties, combined with excellent dimensional stability and good chemical resistance. These characteristics make it an ideal option for a wide range of applications, particularly those requiring contact with foodstuffs.


Good Mechanics at Wide Temperature Spectrum: Delrin is known for its exceptional mechanical stability even under extreme temperature conditions. This means that it maintains its mechanical properties over a wide temperature spectrum, in both very hot and extremely cold environments. Thanks to this characteristic, it is able to guarantee reliable and consistent performance regardless of environmental temperature variations. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where temperature conditions can vary significantly over time, ensuring consistent durability and strength.

High Constant Working Temperature: In addition to its ability to maintain its mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, it also offers a high constant working temperature. This means that it can be used in applications requiring heat resistance, maintaining its performance even at high temperatures. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for applications in high temperature environments, where other materials might lose their mechanical properties or deteriorate.

Resistance to Oils and Greases: One of the distinctive properties of POM-C is its high resistance to oils and greases. This polymer is able to maintain its performance even in the presence of lubricants, oils or greases, without undergoing significant degradation. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where good resistance to lubricants is required, such as in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and other applications where lubrication is essential for the efficient operation of mechanical parts.


Minimum Tolerance:: Delrin POM-C is characterised by its precision and dimensional stability, however it is important to consider its minimum tolerance of ± 0.10 mm during the design and machining phase. This specification requires special attention to ensure that the final product dimensions comply with the required specifications. This tolerance means that the dimensions of the part can vary by up to ± 0.10 mm from the nominal dimensions during the machining process. Therefore, it is crucial that the design is carefully planned to ensure that the final dimensions are aligned with the desired specifications. Despite the need to pay attention to minimum tolerance, POM-C offers numerous advantages that compensate for this. Its excellent dimensional stability and resistance to chemicals and wear make it an ideal choice for applications requiring reliable mechanical performance and high dimensional accuracy. With proper planning and quality control procedures, it can be successfully machined into high-precision, high-quality components.

Applications of Pom-C

Delrin is a versatile polymeric material that is used in a wide range of industries due to its outstanding mechanical and chemical properties. It is particularly popular in the mechanical and food industries, where its unique characteristics prove invaluable.

Mechanical Sector: In the mechanical sector, it is widely used for the production of components subject to dynamic loads and chemical agents. This polymer proves reliable even under extreme conditions, ensuring consistent performance over time. It is used in gears, bearings, guides, hinges and many other mechanical applications where strength, durability and dimensional stability are required. In addition, its ease of machining by milling and turning makes it a preferred choice for the production of complex mechanical components with high precision standards.

Food Industry: Due to its chemical resistance and compliance with food regulations, POM-C is a popular choice in the food industry. It is used for the manufacture of components used in food processing and processing machinery, such as transport rollers, sprockets, guides and supports. Its wear resistance and ease of cleaning make it ideal for applications where hygiene and food safety are required.

Dimensional Stability and Accuracy: In addition to its strength and durability, its dimensional stability makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring long-term precision. The ability to maintain its dimensions over time ensures that components made from this material retain their dimensional specifications even after prolonged use.


In conclusion, Delrin POM-C, also known as polyoxymethylene, is confirmed as a polymeric material of excellence, thanks to its outstanding tribological properties, remarkable wear resistance and dimensional stability. These characteristics make it an ideal option for a wide range of applications, particularly in sectors requiring contact with foodstuffs and high-precision mechanical applications.

The advantages offered by POM-C, such as its ability to maintain mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, its resistance to heat, oils and greases, along with its ease of machining for milling and turning, make it a preferred choice in many industries.

However, it is important to consider the material's minimum machining tolerance, which requires special attention during the design phase to ensure compliance with the required specifications. With proper planning and the implementation of strict quality control procedures, high-precision, high-quality components can be achieved with Delrin.

Ultimately, the versatility, reliability and excellent properties of Delrin POM-C make it a first-rate polymeric material that can meet the most demanding requirements of the mechanical and food industries, guaranteeing high performance and durability.


Tensile breaking load 68 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 2.8 GPa
Elongation at break 28%
Density 1.41 g/cm³
Melting temperature 175 ºC
Yield Strength 63 MPa



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