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Want to take advantage of the best price for the best quality? You are in the right place. Here you will find all the information about active offers and promotions at Weerg and how to apply them to your next order.

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Active Until 14 February 2023

Save on Nylon PA12 White!

Now is the right time to try Nylon PA12 White: for a few days only, it is available at the price of raw grey PA12.
  • The white colour allows Nylon PA12 to be dyed in all possible colours
  • Versatile and ready for any production requirement
  • Mechanical...
Expired Until 07 February 2023

Best Price Resin in promo for 1€!

Were you waiting for the new colours for 3D Resin? They're finally here!The reliable and beloved Best Price Classic Resin takes your modelling components to the next level... and beyond!The applications are in fact the most diverse, for a versatile...
Expired Until 31 January 2023

The new PEEK GF glass filled at 50% discount

It really is true that January is the month of PEEK!A new material, a new PEEK: even lighter, even more versatile.The new glass-filled PEEK GF is available in Weerg's material list, discover its advantages over other FDM 3D Printing technologies.For...
Expired Until 24 January 2023

-50% Discount on 6 days delivery

The New Year brings new promotions!Industrial-quality PEEK is now also available for CNC machining, in addition to the already popular 3D Printing with FDM technology.Curious to find out what the advantages are in industrial applications? Check out...

Expired Until 16 December 2022

Up to -50% on MJF Express!

Here is Weerg's gigantic Christmas present: we clear the presses and all MJF Express printing is discounted by up to -50%.The promotion is valid on all materials processed with Multi Jet fusion technology, even the New Nylon PA 12 White as a world...
Expired Until 30 November 2022

3 days of Cashback!

Last promotion for Cyber Monday and 2 more days: 10% CASHBACK on all your orders! Use discount code: CASHBLACKDAYSUse the code to order at Weerg and we will immediately refund 10% of your order as Wallet credit!You can apply the discount code during...
Expired Until 25 November 2022

Amazon Gift Card: up to €1000

Today is Black Friday and here is the craziest promo of all: for today only, an Amazon Gift Card for you equal to 10% of your order.Use discount code: FRIDAYBLACKDAYSFor your order today at Weerg, use the discount code FRIDAYBLACKDAYS and you will...

Expired Until 24 November 2022

40€ free for your CNC order

Take advantage of the quality of our CNC machining service today only: €40 discount voucher for your order!Use the discount code: CNCBLACKDAYSWhether it's Milling or Turning, Weerg's CNC Machining Service is the best online for quality and timing:...

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I would like to use a promotion - how do I do it?

It is very simple, now let's see it together. Each promotion has a way to be activated: sometimes you will have to enter a discount code, sometimes you will have to select a specific material or finish within the quotationnaire, sometimes you will not have to do anything other than order because it will be activated automatically.

The method of application is always indicated inside the promotion: just click on the Learn more button to find out how to activate the promotion.

If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I only see expired promotions: why?

It means that there are no active promotions at the moment: Weerg's offers are always limited for a certain number of orders, or only for a few days.

Don't worry though: we always run a lot of promotions every month and if you want to be the first to know about them so you don't miss out, sign up for the Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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