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nylon pa12 white multi jet fusion mjf

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your 3D printed parts deserve the best 3D printing technologies

Weerg is the Online 3D Printing Service at its best: your 3D file or 3D model evaluation, 3D printing process and post processes for functional prototypes or production are ALL made in-house in our 10.000 sq/mt factory in Italy

nylon PA12 multi jet fusion MJF

MJF (Multi Jet Fusion)

Short-Run production and Functional Prototyping

Nylon PA12: the most used plastic material in the world. The green and elastic PA11 ore the PA12 glass beads. From MJF simply the most versatile materials: a perfect balance between material cost, printing time, aesthetics and mechanical properties.

PEEK annealed

FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Functional Parts made of Special and Metal Replacement Materials

Special Applications: where mechanical properties are the top priority an FDM printer offers materials and performances that rivals metal. Peek, Peek CF, Nylon CF represent the most advanced point of thermoplastics for the most extreme uses.

tough resin 3d printed

RESIN (stereolithography)

Resolution and Smooth Surfaces for Cosmetic and Functional Parts

Resin 3D print quality (SLA, MSLA, DLP) will get you high- resolution, accuracy and precision, isotropy, watertightness and fine features. And also mechanical properties such as high resistance to temperatures or impact.

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At Weerg we pride ourselves on providing fast, reliable, and amazing customer service. We believe its what separates great companies from average ones.

Tools for true professionals

If you are a professional who prints many parts in PA12/PA11 nylon or polypropylene PP with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, nesting on the 3D build can help you to obtain savings of up to 60%.

How? Let's see it together:

What is 3D nesting and why the 3D build will save you up to 60%?

How to nest a 3D Build? Guide

the build


At Weerg the real final cost of 3D printing is clear: the price appears in real time and there will be no changes, you can count on it.
No surprises or hidden costs. Easy isn't it?

weerg is a REAL factory

We are not resellers of other people's parts.

Because we like to live producing, not earning commissions on other people's work.

Your confidential files will not go around the world looking for the most in need supplier.

At Weerg you will be able to speak directly with whoever receives and checks your files, with the operator who produces your pieces and with whoever checks or ships them: these people produce your parts with love and all work under the same roof: the Weerg factory, Venice, Italy.

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