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The 2 resin finishes

Achieve the result you want with the finish that suits you best.


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3D resin finish

Compare 1. Basic finish and 2. Professional Finish


1. Basic finish

We simply remove the print supports and sand lightly: the removal points of the supports remain visible.


Recommended for:

  • Functional parts

  • Parts not visible after assembly

  • Prototypes


2. Professional finish

We smooth the surface and make it perfectly homogenous: support removal points are no longer visible.


Recommended for:

  • 3D printing for modelling

  • Visible parts

  • Parts that will be handled

The 2 finishes shown on this page are available for these resins

Create a unique quality finish for your project with Weerg: choose the combination of material and finish that best suits your work.

Weerg offers online 3D printing with the best SLA resins; not because the vendor tells us so, but because we do all the material testing in house.

Weerg: online 3D printing with the best 3D printers

Weerg makes your parts in-house and with the best 3D printing technologies such as MJF, SLA and industrial FDM.