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Resin 3D printing

Detail, smooth surfaces, mechanical properties: find the perfect balance with our selection of 6 different resins.

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6 different resins 3D printed, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages

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"Resin 3D printing has allowed us to be more creative and efficient in our designs, resulting in faster product development cycles and improved outcomes."

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High temp pro Resin ABS Like pro Resin Best Price Classic Resin Tough PP-like Resin Ceramic Versatile w135 Resin
Tensile breaking load 75 MPa 53 MPa 31 MPa 35 MPa 76 MPa 69 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 3,2 GPa 1,8 GPa 0,8 GPa 1,3 GPa 10 GPa 2,9 GPa
Elongation at break 3 % 43 % 6,7 % 100 % 1 % 8 %
Flexural modulus 3168 1780 700 1300 8780
HDT 0.45 MPa 238 °C 63 °C 68 °C 52.8 °C 280 °C °C
Izod impact resistance 14.6 kJ/m2 53 kJ/m2 27 kJ/m2 62 kJ/m2 2,4 kJ/m2 kJ/m2
Price range
Lead time <2 days <2 days <2 days <2 days <2 days <2 days
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"The high degree of accuracy and detail achieved with resin 3D printing has enabled us to create products of unparalleled quality and performance."


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