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An improved chemical formula for an improved Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS resin to get better mechanical properties compared to the standard resin.

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ABS like pro resin 3d printing


  • Smooth surface
  • High detail
  • Impact resistance
  • Isotropic
  • Good dimensional accuracy


  • Low HTD 0.45 MPa at 63 °C
  • Supports removal points can be visible


  • 3D printing process: LSPc (3D resin)
  • Tolerance: 0,3mm<100mm; 0,3%>100mm
  • Max size: 274x155x400 mm; 10.8x6.1x15,7 in
  • Lead time: <2 days



Impact resistance

ABS Like Pro resin is distinguished by its remarkable impact resistance, making it ideal for applications requiring durability. This property is vital in industries such as automotive and mechanical engineering, where components must withstand mechanical stress, shock and vibration without compromising their structural integrity.



Isotropic Properties

ABS Like Pro Resin is characterised by its isotropic properties, ensuring that its mechanical qualities are uniform in all directions. This is critical for applications that require consistency in performance, regardless of part orientation. Isotropy ensures greater reliability and predictability in the structural properties of components, making the resin particularly suitable for complex mechanical parts and engineering applications where material uniformity is essential.


Smooth Surface

ABS Like Pro Resin is valued for its ability to produce prints with smooth surfaces, reducing the need for post-processing. This is crucial for applications requiring a refined aesthetic, such as design models and exposed components. The smooth finish not only improves appearance, but can also positively influence the aerodynamic properties of parts.



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ABS Like Pro resin represents a significant innovation in the field of 3D printing, thanks to its improved chemical formula based on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). This resin was developed to offer superior mechanical properties compared to standard resins, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.




• Smooth surface

ABS Like Pro Resin offers a smooth surface finish, ideal for projects that require a high quality aesthetic appearance. This feature is particularly important for applications where the final appearance of the product is crucial, such as design models, consumer product prototypes and visible components in machinery or devices.


• High Level of Detail

This resin allows for a high level of detail in prints, making it perfect for intricate and detailed designs. It is ideal for creating parts with intricate geometries or for models that require high fidelity to the original details.


• Impact resistance

The improved formula provides considerable impact resistance, making the prints more durable and suitable for intensive use. This makes it an excellent choice for parts that may be subject to mechanical stress, such as machine parts, vehicle components or protective devices.


• Isotropic

ABS Like Pro resin has isotropic properties, which means that its mechanical properties are uniform in all directions. This is crucial for applications that require uniformity and consistency in the mechanical properties of the material in all axes.


• Good Dimensional Accuracy

It offers good dimensional accuracy, which is essential for parts requiring tight tolerances and accurate measurements. This feature is particularly useful in an industry like automotive, where precision is paramount.




• Low HTD (Heat Deflection Temperature) 0.45 MPa at 65 °C

Despite its excellent properties, this resin has a low thermal deformation point, limiting its use in high-temperature applications. This must be considered when using the resin in environments or applications that may expose the material to high temperatures.


• Visibility of Support Removal Points

Support removal spots may be visible on finished prints, potentially requiring further processing for a perfect finish. This can be a time and cost challenge for projects that require an extremely smooth and even surface.


Main Features

ABS Like Pro Resin is moulded using the LSPc (3D resin) process, known for its efficiency and quality. Compared to other common thermoplastic polymers, ABS offers mechanical advantages such as impact resistance and high rigidity, as well as good dimensional stability. It is ideal for applications requiring electrical insulation, due to its low electrical conductivity, and offers resistance to various chemicals. In addition, ABS is a recyclable material, making ABS Resin Like Pro a sustainable choice.



Injection Moulding Replacement: ABS Like Pro Resin is an excellent alternative to injection moulding for small series production or rapid prototyping. Due to its high impact resistance and good dimensional accuracy, it can be used to create parts that would normally require expensive moulds. This makes it ideal for start-ups and small companies that need to produce quality parts without the significant initial investment required by injection moulding.

Industrial and Mechanical Applications: ABS Like Pro Resin finds wide application in the industrial and mechanical sectors due to its impact resistance and durability. It is ideal for the production of machinery components, automation parts and production equipment. Its ability to withstand mechanical stress and impact makes it perfect for parts that must withstand heavy loads or repetitive movements.

Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry, ABS Resin Like Pro can be used to create interior and exterior vehicle components such as dashboards, trim panels and body parts. Its impact resistance and dimensional accuracy make it suitable for parts that must retain their shape and functionality under varying driving conditions.

Electronic Components and Household Appliances: Due to its low electrical conductivity and resistance to chemicals, ABS Resin Like Pro is suitable for the production of electronic components and housings for household appliances. This includes everything from small portable devices to large household appliances, where safety and durability are essential.


In conclusion, ABS Like Pro Resin is an excellent choice for those looking for a high quality resin with superior mechanical properties, suitable for a wide range of applications, while taking into account certain limitations such as low thermal deformation point and visibility of media removal points. Its versatility and advanced features make it an ideal solution for a variety of industries, including those requiring precision, strength and durability.


Tensile breaking load 53 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 1800 MPa
Elongation at break 43%
Flexural modulus 1780 MPa
HDT 0.45 MPa 63 ºC
Izod impact resistance 53 kJ/m²


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