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ABS Like pro Resin

An improved chemical formula for an improved Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS resin to get better mechanical properties compared to the standard resin

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ABS Like pro <strong>Resin</strong>


Smooth surface
High detail
Impact resistance
Good dimensional accuracy


Low HTD 0.45 MPa at 63 °C
Supports removal points can be visible


3D printing process: LSPc (3D resin)
Tolerance: 0,3mm<100mm; 0,3%>100mm
Max size: 274x155x400 mm; 10.8x6.1x15,7 in
Lead time: <2 days


Compared with other common thermoplastic polymers used in injection molding and additive manufacturing ABS material provides favorable mechanical properties such as impact resistance and high rigidity. It has also a good dimensional stability. In general ABS is a good high and low temperature material, anyway this ABS Like pro is made from resin, therefore it does not have a particular heat resistance compared with the others ABS plastic on our list.
In terms of electrical properties it has low electricity conductivity that is especially helpful for products requiring electrical insulation protection.
Chemical resistance: resistant to aqueous acids, alkalis, concentrated hydrochloric and phosphoric acids and animal, vegetable and mineral oils. 
Can ABS be reused? Yes ABS is a good recycle material. Raw ABS is more expensive so recycling it is becoming more and more popular.


Mechanical properties
Tensile breaking load
53 MPa
Modulus of elasticity
1800 MPa
Elongation at break
43 %
Flexural modulus
1780 MPa
HDT 0.45 MPa
63 °C
Izod impact resistance
53 kJ/m2

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