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About Us

Created out of a passion for innovation and technology, Weerg is Europe's largest Online Service with 100% in-house production. Our goal is to make online manufacturing simple, fast, immediate.

Our mission


Digital manufacturing without intermediaries

Weerg is an Online Service with 100% in-house production: there are no other intermediaries in the sales and production process, as we take care of the entire production in-house. With this formula, since its establishment, Weerg has managed to provide the best online market price, competitive production lead times, and direct support and expertise between customer and technician/manufacturer.

We offer instant online quotes based on the designer's needs, thanks to the owner algorithm developed by Weerg. We realize all your projects in our 6000 m² facility in Scorzè, in Venice district. We guarantee double quality control on every part.

Let's build the future of manufacturing. Day by day.

In Weerg, the R&D team works continuously to innovate and make the order experience simpler and more intuitive for designers all over the world. Up to now, we have optimized our production flows to be able to supply runs of hundreds of parts in just 3 days from placing an order. But we are organizing to offer you even more.

We work every day to offer you the ultimate in technological innovation: whether in the field of Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing, as well as CNC Milling and Turning. Our R&D department is also constantly working to test and propose new industrial materials to meet the needs and demands of Designers.

The Story


"It is difficult to receive a clear quote"

"It is difficult to receive a clear quote". From this thought, Matteo Rigamonti, a Venetian entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation, began to ponder the idea of revolutionizing the world of manufacturing. Matteo had repeatedly had the need to request prototype production or small runs for his own projects, but each time he faced a long and confusing quotation process. Production, on the other hand, offered delivery dates that were never met and, if there was any problem, the complaint and rework process was long and in constant negotiation.

Thus it was that, after his negative experience, Matteo had the idea to propose: "Why can't a simple and precise site be set up to demand production with certain costs and timing? I'll do it!"

In this way, Matteo sold his well-established company, the case study Pixartprinting, and started working with a small team on a new project, but one with a lot of potential: in 2015, Weerg is born.

CNC Machining and 3D Printing

Weerg is the first Online Manufacturing Service in Italy. But this is only the first of the records it will achieve over the years.

Since its establishment, Weerg quote tool has managed to quote a manufacturing offer by CNC milling or turning in a matter of moments. It is the first Estimator with a proprietary algorithm to achieve such precision as early as 2015.

In 2017, the 3D department has been opened, with the addition of the new HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. Weerg is the first installation in Italy. In 2020 it will be the largest EMEA installation and in 2022 the largest operational MJF in the world.

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