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High Temp PRO Resin

High Temp Resin combines the detail precision of MSLA technology with the ability to maintain dimensional properties in conditions of temperatures of up to 190°C. Therefore, it lends itself well to both the creation of functional prototypes and end parts, such as moulds or connectors.

  • Offers the highest thermal distortion temperature for resins achievable with MSLA technology

  • Excellent surface performance and precision of detail.

  • Possibility to make moulds directly for casting or injection for small series

This high temperature resin offers high dimensional stability, a smooth surface finish and high mechanical strength for moulding applications.

With a heat deflection temperature of 238°C, this resin is designed to withstand high process temperatures and is the perfect choice for many applications where high temperature resistance is critical.
From prototyping and production to moulding, this resin will help you create professional-quality designs.

  • Processing:
    • 3D MSLA Stereolithography
  • Alternative nomenclature:
    • High Temperature PRO Resin
  • Price range:
  • Ideal for:
    • Functional Parts
    • High temperature applications
    • Molds
    • Castings
    • Connectors



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Application Sectors

Automotive sector
Industrial sector

Production technologies

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