FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services of Weerg and what are my advantages in using them?

With Weerg you will enjoy in short time and at surprisingly affordable cost, parts created with the best CNC machining and 3D printing equipment in the world. You will get simply the best results from your 3D design. The most accurate equipment with the assistance of an expert team will help you to solve any eventual problem for a major breakthrough in your professional career. With Weerg your CNC machining and 3D printing will become easier and serene.

What equipment has Weerg for CNC machining?

With Weerg your parts will be made only by the best 5 axis continuous Hermle milling machines and the latest Mazak Integrex multitasking lathes models. In addition to this we use Hitachi tools and CAM software Hypermill Open Mind; it simply means the best in the industry.

The indented and accuracy of our equipment allows you to choose between three levels of tolerance: ± 0.05mm, ± 0.07mm, ± 0.10mm

Apart from this the raw materials of your parts will come only from selected European foundries and producers.

What equipment has Weerg for 3D printing?

Your 3D prints will be made with the new HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200, capable of producing functional prototypes and quality short runs at extremely competitive prices.

Why Weerg offers such competitive prices?

You will have lower prices because by using modern and efficient equipment over several shifts it is possible to obtain economies of scale, that's all.

No compromise in quality of materials or workmanship for tools that are and remain the best available on the market.

What are your technical CNC processing limits?

We have some technical parameters under which we cannot go to maintain the punctuality in delivery and accuracy of the pieces created:

1) Type engraving: minimum stick width of 1 mm and a maximum depth of 0.3 mm: here you will find a list of characters created specifically for the CNC including some free ones. The reasons for this restriction are due to processing times that can lengthen a lot with unsuitable characters.

2) Gorges, pockets and rounded corners: minimum size: 1mm

3) minimum radius for convex corners: 1mm

4) Tolerances for bearings or other specifications: sometimes we receive technical drawings or symbols with special tolerances for the bearing seats or other details, for us the geometry prevails with tolerances ± 0.05mm, ± 0.07mm and ± 0.10mm and the indications are NOT considered.

5) Punctures: maximum depth of 7 times the diameter, if a hole is joined to a wall the length will start from the edge of the wall itself.

6) Walls: minimum thickness of 1mm.

7) Of the blind holes, threading is done up to a maximum of 3/4 of the hole

How it works for the threads? Are they included in the price? Do I have to draw in the file?

Threads are always included in the price and holes that can be threaded are automatically detected by the online estimator. We also make external or internal thread rolling, M and MF from M2 metrics to grow, and 1/4, 1/8, 1/2 and 3/4 GAS. Due to the absence of unified criteria for defining the thread between the various CAD packages, you do not have to draw the threads but only the pilot hole of the preform tab diameter (eg 1.6 mm for an M2); our automatic system will propose the right thread during the estimation.

I don’t know you: and if you committed mistakes? Or if simply my customer is not satisfied? How can help me "Weerg FREEREPLAY"?

Before going into production with the print run the prototype is needed, but often prototyping is a difficult point in the design path. With the "Weerg Freereplay" option with a few euros you will forever erase from your mind the worry of being wrong.

Although if the product received does not convince you, you can send a new corrected file: we'll work it for free with the same characteristics of the previous one and without any additional cost.

You'll have until 6pm of the third business day following the receipt of the material.

We'll send a courier to pick up the prototype to remake the day after your request (to the same address to which we had delivered) and will reperform processing within 72 hours of receipt of the new file.

What advantages separates Weerg from his competitors?

You will have a professional and reliable supplier, fast and transparent. You can consult the prices in real time at any time of day or night to make estimates to your customers immediately, you will have the advantage of a fast delivery and a technical top product of CNC machining and 3D printing technology. You'll have a customer service staffed by experts and always ready to answer your questions, and with the Weerg freereplay service you will not have to even worry about making a mistake on your prototype because we will redo it for free.

How you protect the intellectual property and confidentiality of the files you send?

It is quite common that companies and the people who use our service require you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). To companies and individuals, it is often suggested using an agreement of this type to protect their intellectual property rights and maintain confidentiality about their business processes.

Weerg manages your projects with the utmost discretion, and respects the confidentiality of all information received. Our goal is to treat you as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Download the template Confidentiality Agreement (NDA). Fill it with your personal data and send it to nda@weerg.it

Which sectors are using Weerg services?

The services of Weerg find application in various professional fields. These include medical instrumentation, automotive industry, the lighting industry, the aerospace industry, the technology industry and the consumer goods and electronics and mechanical industry in general.

Weerg is Italian? Where will my pieces be manufactured?

The company is completely Italian and all production takes place in our unique production facility in Italy in Marghera, near Venice.

How can I get a quote?

You will get the quote instantly by uploading your 3D CAD design in .stp, .step or .stl (the latter for 3D printing only) in the quote page of the type of work you are interested in:

Click here to get an instant CNC machining quote
Click here to get an instant 3D printing quote

In addition to immediately get the price including transportation, in the estimates page you can specify important details such as the type of material, quantity of pieces, the surface finish, any insurance, the terms of payment and delivery. After your order you will receive the same day (Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 CET) a feasibility report by email from a Weerg expert. So you can always ask to the Weerg experts any questions about the process, the relationship between it and the geometry of the pieces, so you can make any changes that may be necessary.

At this point we will ask you to proceed with the payment that may be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal or bank transfer (minimum amount 250€) at IBAN IT67B0585602002139571301572 in favor of Weerg srl.

After this phase, the machining of parts in CNC will start immediately. After that the pieces will be checked, carefully packed and shipped to you.

What type of files are accepted?

By now we only accept .stp o .step format (also .stl for 3D printing): these export formats are widely available on many popular 3d CADs like Solidworks, Rhino 3d, Autocad mechanical and many others.

I do not have a 3D CAD model. You could create one for me?

At the moment we do not offer design service, anyway you can easily find a freelance designer with a simple Google search in your area. If you want to do yourself and do not have a CAD program we advise you to download 3D Rhino, an excellent 3D CAD program very simple to use, and totally free for 3 months! If you want to download it right now just click here: https://www.rhino3d.com/download

I want a material that is not in your materials list...

We are gearing up and soon new materials will be available. If you want to be informed in real time on the arrival of new materials subscribe to the newsletter by entering your email address by clicking the button "subscribe to our newsletter" found at the bottom of this page. In addition to information about new products receive discount offers and coupons reserved to subscribers.

How much is the transport? What are the delivery times?

Shipping charges start from 7.5 € and are realtime calculated and showed on your shopping cart. We guarantee delivery by express courier from 2 to 15 business days from the time of payment.

How it is delivered the goods?

The small pieces are carefully delivered wrapped in protective material and placed in cardboard boxes protected by shrink, in wooden crates for bulky and heavy parts.

Were does Weerg deliver?

Weerg delivers everywere in the world.

What to do in case of damaged goods during transport?

For the type of materials and the form of packaging damages during transportation are very rare. In any case please, when the delivery is made we invite you to check carefully that the package or pallet is intact and undamaged. Only thereafter accept the delivery; if you have doubts or delivery is damaged write in the document that you are required to sign for receipt: I AGREE WITH RESERVE. If the goods arrive at the destination broken or damaged we are committed to provide for the replacement of the product at our expense, only and exclusively if the breakage or damage is observed in the presence of the courier who made the delivery, or if it appears on the receipt document I AGREE WITH RESERVE.

Is there possibility of withdrawal?

Obviously. We guarantee the right to withdraw from the purchase contract, referring to the Legislative Decree 22/05/1999, n. 185 "Implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts', as amended. You can consult the details on this page.

What are the methods of payment for online purchase?

Weerg makes life easier for its customers. For this reason, only 2 different payment methods are provided: credit card with PayPal security or bank transfer (for the bank transfer minimum amount 250€).

Is it safe to use credit cards for online purchases?

Certainly safer than giving your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant.

For payments by credit card we use Paypal, the world's leading company for online payments. Even if you don't have a PayPal account you can pay with your card without any registration. Paypal protects the information of your credit card information through innovative security systems and fraud prevention and handling the transaction without communicating your financial information to the merchant.