Are the given shipping dates reliable?

Yes, Weerg ships 98.5% of the orders on time thanks to the automation of production processes and reliable logistics partners

The shipping date displayed in the Quotation Tool is valid only in the event that payment (and therefore the fulfilment of the order) is made on the same working day as the order itself (with the exception of deferred payment methods). Any additional day of delay in payment will result in a one-day shift in the shipping date.

For the bank transfer in advance, we kindly ask you to send us the payment accounting document to as soon as you make the transfer. In the event that we do not receive the accounting document, the payment will be registered on the date of receipt of the credit transfer.

To ensure the shipping date, we also suggest that you check your inbox in the few hours following the completion of the order. If any problems with one of your files are found by our experts during the technical check, you will be contacted via one of the contact details provided.


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