Can I order a prototype? And runs of thousands?

Yes, you can order from one to thousands of pieces with Weerg.

Once you have uploaded your 3D file to the Online Quotation Tool you are able to choose either a predefined quantity or enter a customized quantity.

Remember that a gradual discount is applied according to the quantity of copies requested: in this way, the best price is always guaranteed!

1. CNC manufactured parts

The ideal choice for quantities from a single part but also for runs.
You will receive extremely precise mechanical parts machined from solid in just a few days.

Upload your STP/STEP 3D files and set them up according to your needs: then click on "Request offer"
Within a few hours you will receive an offer from one of our experts and you will be able to proceed with your order!

2. 3D printed parts

From 1 to thousands of copies at a very low cost, with a good level of accuracy, resulting in finished or semi-finished parts.

Weerg has the world largest MJF printing facility: the production of large runs is conceived and organized so that you receive your parts within a few days, guaranteeing the shipping date selected at the time of purchase. 


Check out our 3D Materials Page and CNC Machining Materials Page to discover our range of offerings and to create your own quote!