Where do I upload my 3D file?

To get an instant quote for your 3D file, just click on the following link to access the Online Quotation Tool:

➡️ Instant quote

You will always find this button at the top of the website.
By clicking it, you can upload a new file as well as display your cart with the previously uploaded files inside.


How do I upload the 3d file?
To upload your 3d file and proceed to the configuration, make sure it is in one of the accepted formats (.stl, step or .stp for 3D Printing; .stp or .step for CNC Machining) and then drag and drop them into the dedicated page: Instant quote.


💡You can also upload several files at once, without waiting for each individual file to be uploaded: to speed up the process, simply create a .zip folder containing them and then proceed to upload it. 


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