How do prices change and update in Weerg?

Prices may change in Weerg over time, but always remaining advantageous and competitive.

Have you ever thought how we can offer you such competitive prices?! It's easy!

An algorithm using a computational model similar to a biological neural network reads the files and automatically calculates the price of the model: this algorithm is constantly updated to always offer the best possible price

As a result, slight upward or downward variations in cost may occur depending on the experience developed by the system over time, as well as variations in raw material or electricity costs.


We wish to assure you that the price found in the Quotation Tool when ordering is reliable: if you have any doubts, please contact us at

❗Do you want to block the price of your quote? You can do so, for 30 days!

Select the "Lock quote" option during the quotation process.

Please note, however, that subsequent changes cannot be made to the quote.