How do you protect my files?

We take care of your 3D files in 3 different and highly effective ways!

We take the intellectual property of your projects very seriously, so we adopt 3 very effective systems that make our service completely safe:

1. The 3D files that you upload to the Online Quotation Tool are protected with end-to-end encryption, which means that no one can see them or get hold of them, and and should you fail to proceed with the quote, your files will be immediately deleted from our servers.

Moreover, our facilities are equipped with the highest levels of computer security to better protect your files.

2. In case you go ahead with the order, your 3D files will only be visible, but not downloadable, by you and the Weerg operator.

They will only be viewed by the Weerg staff in charge of the feasibility check and the Production staff, who will recognize them by a code and not by the customer's name.

3. Finally by clicking here you can download our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which represents a written commitment by Weerg to respect the intellectual property of all the projects you send us.
Simply fill it in with the requested data and send it to

For any doubt or information, we are available at or in our chat box!