Do you create custom 3D CAD models?

We do not currently provide this service but there are some very quick solutions you can follow:

1. You can easily learn how to design and create your own parts. There are in fact very effective free modelling software with extensive documentation and online guides that allow everyone to try their hand at 3D design:

  • Autodesk Fusion360 (LINK) - Intuitive but at the same time very versatile and powerful, it is a continuously developing tool with several guides and step-by-step tutorials also in video format on YouTube. It is offered with a totally free licence for hobbyists.
  • Rhino 3D (LINK) - CAD that works mainly with surfaces to create objects. Available free of charge for 90 days in "evaluation" mode.
  • FreeCAD (LINK) - A less intuitive tool and a little more complex learning mode, but which allows complex designs to be created.

2.  You can have your designs created by freelance designers, who will follow you through the design steps of your part, quickly and for a very reasonable price.

Once your 3D file is ready, you can contact us to get advice on it: we will suggest and discuss with you the best production technology and the best performing material for your application.

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