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What 3D printing technologies does Weerg use?

We print with MJF, SLS and MSLA with 4KSPER

1. MJF (MultiJet Fusion): Weerg has 12x HP 5210 MJF:

  • What is MultiJet Fusion 3D printing technology?
    Multi Jet Fusion is a new 3D printing technology implemented above all by HP, offering you more possibilities for complex, lower-cost parts. Whether used in serial production for single parts or batch manufacturing by shipsets of multiple part numbers, Multi Jet Fusion will offer you a faster, more cost-effective process for 3D printed parts.
  • How Does Multi Jet Fusion Work?
    Multi Jet Fusion uses an inkjet array to selectively apply fusing and detailing agents across a bed of nylon powder, which are then fused by heating elements into a solid layer. After each layer, powder is distributed on top of the bed and the process repeats until the part is complete.
  • What are the advantages of MJF technology?
    Much faster than any other 3D printing technology, it can produce perfectly functional pieces both as prototypes and in series with tolerances and overall mechanical results very similar to injection molding. Parts don't need supports and are 100% filled therefore so designs with complex geometries can be easily produced.

3. MSLA (Mask Stereolithography technology )+ 4KSPER: Weerg has 12x Lherr 4000

  • What is MSLA +4kSPER printing technology?
    The word “stereolithography” comes from the Greek words “stereo” meaning solid, and “(photo)lithography” which is a form of ‘writing’ with light. Stereolithography with your 3D printer does exactly that: drawing solids with light one layer at a time. 4KSPER is a Weerg R&D department implementation to improve the printing speed as Lherr is a customized MSLA printer made by Weerg.
  • How doesMSLA +4kSPER work?
    MSLA utilizes an LED array as it’s light source together with an LCD photomask in order to shape the light image from the LED array.
  • What are the advantages of MSLA + 4KSPER technology
    Very high level of detail, parts are 100% filled and good for prototypes or display parts