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What are the standard parameters that are used with the different 3D printing technologies?

Each additive technology used in Weerg has been optimized to ensure quality and repeatable results. Here are the key parameters we use:


  • Layer height:

PA12/ PA12W in Fast printing mode: 110 microns
PA12/ PA12W in other printing modes: 80 microns
PA11: 80 microns
PA12GB: 80 microns
Polypropylene: 80 micron
TPU: 100 micron

All our HP MJF prints are cooled in natural cooling to achieve the best possible result in terms of tolerances and mechanical properties.

FDM- Filament

  • Layer height: 150 microns
  • Number of perimeters: 4
  • Number of upper and lower layers: 10
  • % infill: 30%

For metal replacement materials, an annealing cycle developed and validated in-house by our R&D department is carried out.

MSLA Resin with LSPC

  • Layer height: 100 microns
  • Process parameters: as per manufacturer's instructions
  • Curing and post-process parameters: as per manufacturer's instructions