What equipment has Weerg for CNC machining and 3D printing?

Just the best of both worlds, take a look below

CNC machining machinery
For CNC machining Weerg has 10x 5-axis continuous Hermle C42U fully automated through the use of KUKA anthropomorphic robots and loading /unloading stations directly communicating with the internal management system, a perfect combination of automation and processes from Industry 4.0.
To complete the fleet, there are 2x fully automated Mazak Integrex Multitasking i-200 lathes.

The indented and accuracy of our equipment allows you to choose between three levels of tolerance: ± 0.05mm, ± 0.07mm, ± 0.10mm

3D printing machinery
Weerg has the largest installation of HP MultiJet Fusion in southern Europe, reaching 12x MJF 5210 printers with 3 dedicated Processing Stations. It also has 12 Stereolithographic printers (MSLA + 4KSPER) Lherr 4000 for resins recently introduced.