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What is the difference between Top Black and Soft Touch Black finishes?

Here are the main differences between our best-selling finishes!

To make your MJF printed components more attractive, we have the possibility to colour them with two different finishes, which we suggest you take a look at on this page

We particularly suggest you check out our two best-seller finishes and here we clarify any doubts so that you don't have to worry about confusing them when purchasing. 


This is an impregnation dye, in black, that colours the entire surface of the printed part without compromising its mechanical properties and aesthetic details.

The final part is a uniform deep black colour with a semi-glossy appearance. 

❗Top Black Dyeing does not change the general tolerances of the part as it does not add/remove material. 

top black finish


Soft Touch Black finish is a paint that is sprayed onto the parts.
It consists of several layers of different substances that create the special "velvet effect" on the part.
This provides a smooth, uniform surface that makes the components indistinguishable from injection-moulded counterparts.
The main limitation of this finish lies in the thickness required to achieve uniform coverage as well as tactile feel. In fact, a few tenths of thickness is added, which must be taken into account at the design stage to allow for subsequent fittings and assembly.
soft touch black finish

❗This finish is not recommended for small parts as it can be complex to secure them during the painting process.

Finally, the sprayed paint may not reach:

- Undercut surfaces;

- Holes deeper than 5 times the diameter, which won't be fully covered;

- Holes smaller than 5 mm in diameter, which may remain occluded;

In addition, engraved and embossed lettering is not recommended because it may be partially or totally covered.