What should I do if goods are damaged during shipping?

We strive to package your orders carefully and with appropriate protection to ensure you always an undamaged delivery.

If the courier arrives at your door and delivers a visibly damaged parcel, please let him know!

We therefore ask you, upon delivery, to carefully check that the parcel or pallet is intact and undamaged.

Only after this verification you will be ready to accept the delivery!

If you have any doubts about the integrity of the package or if it appears visibly damaged, please write "I ACCEPT WITH RESERVE" on the document you are asked to sign to acknowledge receipt of your order.

❗In the event that the goods arrive at their destination broken or damaged, we will replace the product at our expense, only and exclusively if the breakage or damage is established in the presence of the courier who carried out the delivery, or if you write on the receipt document "I ACCEPT WITH RESERVE".

In order to be able to assist you quickly and efficiently, please contact us as soon as possible at our e-mail info@weerg.com: please also attach some demonstrative pictures, both of the goods, as well as of the box.

In this way we will be able to contact the courier service directly and solve the problem.