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CNC Manufacturing Revolution

CNC operator

Weerg, the first Italian online manufacturing service specialised in CNC machining and 3D printing, stands out for its unprecedented speed and precision. Thanks to the efficiency of its online service, Weerg has distinguished itself as one of the best in Europe, ensuring even faster delivery times without ever compromising on high-quality standards. A proof of this is the company RBGI srl, which contacted Weerg for CNC-machined parts.

Case Study: RBGI srl

RBGI srl risked missing the delivery date of an order due to the blockade of shipping containers. Alessio Benventi, production manager at RBGI, solved the problem by contacting Weerg and online manufacturing. With the support of a technical consultant, Alessio was able to obtain the same aluminium components through CNC machining in the Italian factory and receive them within a few days, successfully completing the project.

“Unfortunately, I was at risk of not being able to deliver the project I made for a customer due to some aluminum parts that were not being shipped. By contacting Weerg on their online quotation system, I saw that I could receive the same components produced in Italy in just a few days. I was assisted by one of their technicians throughout the order, and I received perfectly manufactured parts."

Alessio Benventi

Production Manager, RBGI srl



One of the strengths of Weerg's CNC machining is its fast delivery. Thanks to reduced processing times, Weerg can now guarantee extremely fast delivery: only 48 hours to receive the finished product in Italy and 72 hours throughout Europe. This efficiency is made possible not only by our instant online quoting platform but also through the dedicated contribution of our highly qualified CNC operators.

Delivery CNC



Our 5-axis CNC machines offer many more opportunities and fewer design constraints compared to traditional 3-axis machining. This advanced technology allows for the processing of complex parts, reducing the machinist's work time, increasing production rates, and ensuring more precise and better-finished pieces.

CNC technology



Weerg stands out from all other online services for the free support provided by our CNC operators. Our experts check your file and contact you in case of errors, also providing assistance in choosing the most suitable material for your needs.

To offer even more personalised support to business customers, Weerg has recently introduced a one-to-one consulting service. Highly qualified professionals will support customers in all stages of the customer experience.

"To ensure the highest level of dedication and expertise, we have trained existing staff and introduced new specialized figures who will provide targeted support to our customers in all stages of the purchasing process."

             Matteo Rigamonti

President and Founder, Weerg srl



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