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CNC Machines: Precision and efficiency in Production

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Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, machines have become a fundamental pillar in the manufacturing industry. These machines have revolutionised the way we create objects, offering unprecedented precision, efficiency and flexibility.


CNC machines are machine tools that use a computerised numerical control system to execute a variety of manufacturing operations. Some of the most common ones are cutting, milling and turning.

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The operation of CNC machines is based on a specifically designed software programme, which contains detailed instructions regarding the geometry of the object to be produced and the necessary machining process. This programme is processed by the machine's numerical control, which translates the instructions into electrical signals sent to the machines' motors and actuators. Consequently, it guides the movements of the tools and machining devices. This means that the instructions determine everything from the position and speed of the tool to the depth of cut.

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The influence of CNC machines on the production sector

CNC machines have had a significant influence on a wide range of industries, both in operational efficiency and product quality

For instance, they automated many production processes. This has enabled continuous and uninterrupted work as well as significantly increased production speed and reduced lead times. Moreover, they offer a high level of accuracy and consistency. Consequently, they reduce human error and ensure the production of high quality parts and products with very tight tolerances. Finally, CNC machines have enabled the production of more complex and sophisticated parts that were difficult to manufacture using traditional methods. This has boosted new opportunities for innovation and advanced product development.

For these reasons, they are increasingly being used in a variety of sectors. Firstly, the aerospace industry, where they are used to produce components with extremely tight tolerances and complex geometries. Additionally, in the medical industry, they are crucial for the production of customised and disposable devices. Sectors such as the transport industry, the oil and gas industry, the military and defence industry, the electronics industry and the maritime industry also rely on CNC machines for the production of high-quality components.

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Weerg and CNC Machines

Weerg uses CNC machines to guarantee our customers high quality products with fast delivery times. We offer the latest machinery for 5-axis milling and turning operations. As a result, we ensure a result with a high level of detail.

Our CNC machines are able to machine a variety of materials, including different types of aluminium, steel and plastics, and ensure high quality finishes. Thanks to our experience, we can offer customised advice to our customers and help them select the most suitable material for their needs to achieve the best results possible.

Quality is one of our highest priorities. Every part produced by our CNC machines undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure that it satisfies the highest standards. We use advanced measuring instruments and accurate inspection methods to ensure that each part meets the required specifications. In addition, our team of technical experts is always on hand to monitor and optimise the production process, ensuring flawless results.

Our advanced technology and dedication to offering the highest level of quality and service have enabled us to become a benchmark in the CNC machining industry. We pride in providing tailor-made solutions for our customers, helping them to realise their projects efficiently and accurately. Whether for prototypes or mass production, we are committed to delivering exceptional results in a short lead time.

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CNC machines have revolutionised the manufacturing industry, bringing with them an unprecedented level of precision, efficiency and flexibility. Whether creating aviation components or producing customised medical devices, CNC machines have become an essential pillar of the manufacturing industry. At Weerg, we are proud to utilise this technology to offer our customers high quality products in short lead times.



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