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Building an electric sport car

electric sport car

Is it Possible to Build an Electric Sport Car Using PEEK?

Indeed, it is! The GreenTeam at the University of Stuttgart has successfully created their latest electric sport car, the E0711-11 EVO: it has incorporated parts made of PEEK using FDM 3D printing from Intamsys. This groundbreaking innovation has the potential to revolutionise the world of electric vehicles, making them more affordable and accessible.

Greenteam car


The Electric Sport Car E0711-11 EVO

The E0711-11 EVO is an electric sport car born out of the desire to upgrade its previous version, as stated by project leader Karsten Müller.

3D Printing played a pivotal role in the production of around a hundred components of the new electric sports car. This approach might be adopted by other electric car manufacturers in the future.

In addition to its impressive mechanical properties, this technology was chosen for its ability to quickly print replacement parts for damage caused by numerous tests. In fact, the E0711-11 EVO is the first GreenTeam racing car with such a large number of 3D-printed parts.



PEEK (polyether ether ketone), and high-performance polymers in general, are ideal for such applications. They offer three crucial factors for the GreenTeam's developers: satisfying mechanical properties, cost-effectiveness, and a significantly reduced production time.

In addition, PEEK is non-conductive and significantly light, making it a preferable alternative to metal in these applications.

classic peek application  piece of peek with carbon fibre added


Applications of PEEK

This intriguing polymer finds use in various demanding fields and challenging environments, including aerospace for manufacturing structural components, covers, and insulations, as well as in advanced biomaterials for medical implants and prosthetics. Moreover, it is widely employed in producing stators and rotors for electric vehicles.

Interested in PEEK's technical specifications? Evaluate its suitability for your project and calculate the cost by uploading your file here.

For any inquiries, doubts, or additional information, our team of experts is ready to assist you. Contact them here to discuss your project and material-related questions.





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