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How Weerg makes Online 3D Printing cheap and accessible

cheap piece of 3d printing online

The world of 3D printing online is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to quickly transform digital projects into physical objects. However, many people are still deterred by the perceived high costs and technical complexity of 3D printing. This is where Weerg comes into play.


One of the biggest obstacles to 3D printing for many is the cost. However, Weerg is changing all that. We offer a professional 3D printing online service at affordable prices, with instant quotes for 1-10,000 pieces. Thanks to our efficient operations and the use of top-notch MJF, FDM, and SLA technologies, we can keep costs low without compromising quality.

3d print MJF of Weerg


Another common hurdle in 3D printing is technical complexity. With Weerg, 3D printing online has never been easier. Simply upload your 3D model, choose the material and finish, and select the delivery date. The price appears in real-time, and there will be no changes, so no surprises or hidden additional costs.


Your data's security is our priority. All uploads are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring maximum protection for your projects. Furthermore, by managing the entire 3D printing process in-house at our 10,000 m² facility in Italy, your files will not be sent to third-party companies.



Weerg is not just an online 3D printing service. We handle the entire 3D printing process in-house, from evaluating the 3D model to printing, from finishes for functional prototypes to production.


Weerg is the perfect blend of technological innovation and human interaction. Despite being a true Industry 4.0 company, each project receives the attention of highly specialised technicians. These professionals verify the uploaded file, ensure a flawless process, and are available to offer guidance on selecting the most suitable material for the project. Our human approach complements technological efficiency, creating a personalised and cutting-edge service that meets the diverse needs of our clients.

CNC Operator



Whether you are a professional printing many parts in nylon PA12/PA11 or polypropylene PP with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, or a hobbyist looking to create a single piece, Weerg is the online 3D printing service for you. Upload your creation now and get closer to bringing your parts to life.

Online 3D printing is the future of production and prototyping. Choose Weerg for your 3D printing online needs and discover how we make 3D printing affordable and accessible for everyone.


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