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We have a clear vision of what future manufacturing looks like and we pursue it every day with professionalism to make production simple and accessible.

High quality

Double Quality Control on all parts produced

Easy use

Simple and complete platform to quote and order

Fast service

Short, reliable and guaranteed production dates

From the idea of making quotes online...

Matteo Rigamonti, a Venetian entrepreneur with the passion for technology and innovation, had repeatedly had the need to request the production of prototypes or small runs for personal projects, but each time he was confronted with a long, confusing and difficult to compare quotation process. Production, on the other hand, had delivery dates that were never met and, if any problems occurred, the process of disputing and remaking parts was protracted and in constant negotiation.

It was after the umpteenth negative experience that Matteo asked himself: "But why isn't it possible to make a simple and precise website to demand production with certain costs and time? I will do it".

This is how Matteo sells his now established company, the case study Pixartprinting, and started working with a small team on a new project, but with a lot of potential: in 2015 Weerg was born. the largest producer in Europe

Matteo's idea was to create a platform that would guarantee designers a simple and satisfying experience to order their products, with the possibility of choosing materials, processes and tolerances. The platform was to be intuitive, cost and time-certain, while the production was to be simply excellent, providing the customer with the highest possible quality.

The market response was immediately very welcoming: with this vision and formula, Weerg has grown rapidly and able to offer more and more services and always with a focus on innovation. Today Weerg is the largest Online Service in Europe, with 100% all-in-house production, to guarantee high quality controls, reduced production costs and unparalleled speed.


largest MJF in the world



Today Weerg pursues its mission with unwavering enthusiasm: the Online Service welcomes thousands of designers every day to order their parts.

Weerg rapid Service, clear and transparent prices, technical support and continuous innovation are the winning formula of this Italian company.

Ongoing innovation

Weerg today is the largest online service in Europe with all-in-house production, driven by strong innovation in technology and processes, becoming more and more efficient.

Investment in innovation is Weerg founding element and is translated into dedicated teams focused on software development, the realization of ever more accurate and precise algorithms and AI, and technological development, searching every day for new services, materials and post-processing to bring to the attention of the Product Designers.

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