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History of the company

The story of Weerg was borne from a simple but genuine idea: was it possible to revolutionize the world of manufacturing by making it digital, simple, fast and economical?

A path of ongoing growth

The Idea


It was that year that Matteo Rigamonti had the idea that digital manufacturing was possible. He left his company and started imagining Weerg.

The Foundation


Weerg officially opened the first online site and already find all the fundamental elements of its DNA: the online estimator with instant prices, an in-house production with double quality control, very short processing times.

The Additive Manufacturing


Weerg was one of the first in the world to focus on HP's new technology: Multi Jet Fusion. The first MJF4210 was purchased in April, another 3 were then obtained in October and 6 others were already ordered for the following year: the MJF is revolutionary!

The New Plant


A new plant was inaugurated to ensure the continuous expansion of the company: the new Scorzè headquarters has over 6000 square meters to accommodate the two Hermle automated lines with 10 C42 machining centres, the HP MJF plant and the first battery of MSLA 3D printers.

The largest EMEA Plant


Weerg finalised the certification processes for Innovation 4.0 and for the high ISO 9001 standards. The HP fleet exceeds 10 elements, it is the largest installation in EMEA.

Research and innovation


Weerg then continued its investments in innovation, expanding the Research and Development team: throughout the year, the industrial materials offered are doubled and a 3D FDM production line was developed to process materials with high performance.

The largest Productive Service in the world


With the further expansion of HP 5210 machines, Weerg becomes the largest in-house HP MJF production service in the world.