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Soft Touch Black Finish

Velvet effect on 3D printed components

The components with Soft Touch Black Finish are painted with a combination of products for which the surface is soft to the touch and opaque. To achieve this effect, this paint adds a uniform thickness of material of about 100 microns on your parts.

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Soft Touch Black Finish

Materials available for this finish

Nylon PA 12

Polyamide 12 - Nylon 12

  • 3D MJF Multi Jet Fusion

Its versatility and low production cost have made it one of the most used materials in the manufacturing industry.

Nylon PA 11

Polyamide 11 - Nylon 11

  • 3D MJF Multi Jet Fusion

Characterized by high ductility and flexibility, it is an optimal choice where strength and performance are fundamental.

Nylon PA12 40% GF Glass Filled

Nylon PA 12 Glass Beads - Nylon PA 12 40% Glass Beads

  • 3D MJF Multi Jet Fusion

Suitable to withstand demanding conditions, it is recommended in all applications where thermal stability and structural rigidity are ...

Polypropylene PP


  • 3D MJF Multi Jet Fusion

Polypropylene (PP) has always been used in the manufacturing industry for the mix of mechanical properties with good elasticity and low ...

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