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Aluminium 7075-T651

Aluminium 7075 is an alloy with high mechanical properties and strength, used in applications with heavy loads, in structural components. Developed for aeronautical use, nowadays it is used where mechanical performance combined with lightness is needed.

  • Excellent specific resistance due to low density and high mechanical properties

  • Thermally stable, even if subject to cycles

  • Less corrosion resistant than other aluminium alloys

Thanks to the zinc alloy, this aluminium is distinguished by its high mechanical properties that are similar to those of some steels. Its impact resistance and ductility are excellent, as well as its thermal stability with varying temperatures. Its resistance to fatigue and cyclic loads, which is fundamental in the aeronautical sector, is also of equal interest.

  • Processing:
    • CNC Lathing
    • CNC Fresatura
    • CNC Foratura
  • Alternative nomenclature:
    • Ergal
    • 3.4365
  • Price range:
  • Ideal for:
    • Functional Prototypes
    • Rows and Housings
    • Cases and Covers
    • Molds



Data sheet

Finishes available for Aluminium 7075-T651

Lancet Bead Blasting

Transparent Anodizing

Matte Black Anodizing

Gloss Black Anodizing

Gloss Blue Anodizing

Gloss Red Anodizing

Gloss Green Anodizing

Matte Blue Anodizing

Matte Red Anodizing

Matte Green Anodizing

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Application Sectors

Automotive sector
Industrial sector

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