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High-performance, high-temperature super polymer family with special properties for demanding applications

Peek is part of the family of polyaryletherketone super polymers. They are polymers that, processed with FDM technology, can have different microstructures: amorphous as well as product and semi-crystalline if subjected to a subsequent heat treatment. The amorphous is characterized by greater ductility and resistance to impacts, while the semi-crystalline for resistance to temperatures, chemicals and greater mechanical properties. It can be added with short carbon fibre to emphasize its thermal properties that reach really high values and to make the components more rigid.

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Polyether ether ketone

  • 3D FDM Fused deposition modeling

PEEK is a polymer that can be both amorphous and semi-crystalline. The latter is characterized by greater mechanical resistance to the ...


Peek Carbon Fibre - Peek Carbon

  • 3D FDM Fused deposition modeling

PEEK CF is a carbon fibre reinforced composite material that makes it high performance. Compared to PEEK, it has extraordinary ...

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Application Sectors

Automotive sector
Food sector
Industrial sector
Medical sector

Production technologies

Fused deposition modeling
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Fused deposition modelling or FDM creates the components layer by layer by depositing discrete material via a 0.40 mm diameter nozzle. The print head moves in XY and deposits a single layer. Subsequently the printing plane, the Z axis, moves downwards to allow the deposition of the next layer. The ...

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