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What are the minimum guaranteed thicknesses for 3D printing?

Each printing technology has its own minimum thickness to ensure correct feasibility and satisfactory printing.

The minimum guaranteed thickness for printing with MJF and MSLA technology is 1mm.

High Temperature Pro Resin has a minimum thickness of 2mm.

The minimum guaranteed thickness for printing with FDM technology is 3mm


You will be able to upload the files you wish: they will be analyzed by the Quotation Tool and the system will warn you if any critical points are detected with regard to the minimum thicknesses that have not been reached. 

critical issues option

You can confirm the production, keeping the file as it is, or you can replace it with a reinforced one. 

❗ We remind you that you can still proceed with printing by accepting the conditions detected by the Quotation Tool, assuming the risk of possible breakage at any stage of production, for which Weerg won't be responsible.

critical issues in file


accept and continue


For more information on 3D Printing, we recommend you check out our 3D Printing Guidelines.