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Copper C101

C101 copper stands out for its electrical and thermal conductivity properties. Ideal for electronic and electrical applications in consumer products or in applications related to heat exchangers and cooling systems

  • Excellent ductility

  • High resilience

  • High electrical conductivity

Copper C101 is a variant without alloying elements and given that it is metal in pure form, it enhances the electrical and thermal conductivity properties. It has a high ductility and resistance to impacts that make it performing in a range of niche applications.

  • Processing:
    • CNC Lathing
    • CNC Fresatura
    • CNC Foratura
  • Alternative nomenclature:
    • CW004A
    • C11000
    • OFHC
  • Price range:
  • Ideal for:
    • Functional Parts
    • Household appliances
    • Electronics



Data sheet

Finishes available for Copper C101

Lancet Bead Blasting

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Application Sectors

Automotive sector
Industrial sector
Electrical sector

Production technologies

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