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Materials and finishes for every project

Brass sphere

OT58 Brass

Ideal for spinning parts, decorations, or in corrosive environments.

  • Starting from 0,25€/cm³
Copper sphere

C101 Copper

The best material for electrical parts and corrosive environments.

  • Starting from 0,60€/cm³
Bronze sphere

CuSn12 Bronze

Ideal for parts that are subject to high friction or for marine corrosion.

  • Starting from 0,17€/cm³
C45 steel sphere

C45 Steel - (AISI 1045)

Good resistance and tenacity, great resistance to wear and fine weldability.

  • Starting from 0,02€/cm³
Carbonio 39 steel sphere

Carbon 39 steel - (39NiCrMo3)

Ideal for parts that need to be very hard or be exposed to low temperatures, torsion, or vibrations.

  • Starting from 0,03€/cm³
Carbon 18 steel sphere

Carbon 18 steel - (18NiCrMo5)

When thermically threated it can become very hard outside and tenacious inside.

  • Starting from 0,06€/cm³
INOX316L steel sphere

316L Inox steel

Great conductor, with excellent resistance to corrosion and seawater.

  • Starting from 0,11€/cm³
Inox 304L steel sphere

304L Inox steel

More resistant than mild steels, it is a cheaper alternative to 316L.

  • Starting from 0,09€/cm³
7075 Aluminium sphere

7075 Aluminium

Aeronautic alloy. It is light, strong, and has great mechanical properties.

  • Starting from 0,02€/cm³
6062 Aluminium sphere

6082 Aluminium

Ideal for machinery and structural parts. It has high resistance to corrosion and good mechanical properties.

  • Starting from 0,015€/cm³
5083 Aluminium sphere

5083 Aluminium

Great resistance to corrosion and oxydation. Ideal for parts that need to have good resistance to mechanical stress and fatigue.

  • Starting from 0,012€/cm³
Nylon 6 sphere

Nylon 6

Robust, rigid and slippery. This material has excellent resistance to abrasion.

  • Starting from 0,25€/cm³
Delrin sphere


Great combination of resistance, low humidity absorption, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability.

  • Starting from 0,25€/cm³

In-house production to deliver as fast as it gets

We manufacture your parts with the best CNC technologies on the market. Everything happens in our facility, in order to guarantee the data privacy, a quick delivery and the highest quality.

  • 12 Hermle C42U - continuous 5 axis
  • 12 Mazak Integrex SMOOTH I-300
CNC machining with robotic arm

Perfect parts in every detail

    • Carbon 18 steel sphere
    • Carbon 18 Steel

      Satin finish

    Carbon 18 steel cnc component
    • C45 steel sphere
    • C45 steel

      Satin finish

    C45 steel cnc component
    • Aluminium anodization sphere
    • 6082 Aluminium


    Componente cnc in Alluminio 6082
    • 7075 Aluminium sphere
    • 7075 Aluminium

      Satin finish

    7075 Aluminium cnc component
    • sfera di Allluminio 7075
    • 7075 Aluminium

      Satin finish

     7075 Aluminium sphere
    • sfera di Alluminio 7075
    • 7075 Aluminium

      Satin finish

    7075 Aluminium cnc component
    • 5053 Aluminium cnc component
    • 5083 Aluminium


    5053 Aluminium cnc component
    • Brass sphere
    • OT58 Brass

      Satin finish

    Componente cnc in ottone
    • Copper sphere
    • C101 Copper

      No finish

    Componente cnc in rame
    • Inox steel sphere
    • INOX316L Steel

      Black classic

    Inox steel cnc component

Meticulous controls to achieve the best results.

Your parts are examined at least 4 times before being shipped to you, in order to match as well as possibile to your 3D model.

A man checks with a gauge the accuracy of a component produced in numerical control - cnc

With our fast delivery we stand next to you

Our integrated production and our technologies let us reduce production times, in order to deliver in record time.

Delivery and receipt of a Weerg component
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Our delivery partners are BRT for our italian customers and DHL, FEDEX or DPD for our customers abroad.

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Frequently asked questions

What requirements must my 3D model have to be compliant?

You can upload a .stp or .step file of your model with a maximum size of 150MB. Find more information on the guidelines for CNC machining here.

What are the payment and billing methods?

You can pay for your order with credit and debit cards of the main circuits, Paypal or via Wallet credit. For orders over € 250 we also accept payments by bank transfer in advance, or within 60 days for orders over €5000. The invoice will be immediately available in your personal section after the order.

Do you make or modify 3D CAD files for my project?

No, we don't offer this service. Furthermore, throughout the printing phase, your file will not be modified by anyone to ensure total privacy.

How do I indicate the threads and tolerances h7 / H7?

Inside the estimator you can indicate H7 threads and tolerances with the appropriate tool: through an intuitive interface you can select the desired threads for your project. You can find more information in this guide.

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