Which is your Quality Policy?

Here is how Weerg strives to improve and monitor its quality level.

WEERG is committed to pursuing a policy that places the Customer at the centre of its activities, analysing risks and opportunities and taking into consideration the aspects related to its organizational context, both internal and external, and the requirements/needs of the parties concerned.

In particular, Customer satisfaction is pursued by offering and adapting all processes to the Customer's particular needs in compliance with the applicable regulations by monitoring the markets. The Customer plays a central role in the success of WEERG S.R.L.


WEERG S.R.L. objectives, taking into consideration the parties involved and their needs, are:

  • High-tech Guarantee, high levels of automation;
  • Simplicity and speed in order processing, competitiveness in the market guaranteeing maximum quality results;
  • New challenges to meet market needs;
  • Price transparency, speed of execution, assured shipments;
  • Improvement of image and reputation in the market, and thus: increase in the number of customers, turnover and entry into new market areas;
  • Guaranteeing the intellectual property of the customer's project
  • Satisfaction of interested parties (customers, users, employees, suppliers), and thus: achievement of budget targets, increase in employment levels, salary improvements, reduced absenteeism and reduced (or zero) disputes with employees, constant reduction in the number of complaints, high level of customer satisfaction, partnership agreements with suppliers;
  • Compliance with explicit and implicit contractual commitments;
  • Customer Care and loyalty;
  • Adoption of the most modern techniques for customer support, which will be pursued through constant training and updating of company management and employees with roles of responsibility;
  • Respect for the environment and current environmental regulations;
  • Compliance with workplace safety regulations.

Objectives are constantly monitored through process indicators and adapted according to organizational changes.


To achieve its objectives, the company has defined:
  • Continuous and adequate staff training and support;
  • Budget for regulatory updates;
  • Budget for external consultancy and support;
  • Budget for machinery maintenance/retooling/etc;

The above resources are assigned to the respective Department Managers.

By achieving these objectives, we intend to create a team that is strongly focused on its customers, ensure maximum added value from its business processes, increase market effectiveness and make customer satisfaction an important factor in a highly competitive market.