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New MJF Nylon PA12 White Premiere by Weerg

nylon pa12 white 3d printing MJF

The wait is finally over and we can tell you about the new project between Weerg e HP: Nylon PA12 White produced by Multi Jet Fusion technology, which combines the exceptional Nylon 12 mechanical properties with the versatility of white color.

Let's explore it together in this article and we'll also tell you how you can receive it now in preview.


The new Nylon PA12 White


HP Multi Jet Fusion technology has been totally revolutionary for the manufacturing industry. Indeed, this production process has made it possible to overcome many of the limitations of traditional manufacturing (such as injection moulding), by allowing production to begin without start-up costs and in a short lead time.

Nylon PA12 has very good mechanical and chemical properties, comparable to most plastics used in traditional manufacturing. Furthermore, its versatility in applications and productions have made it a recommended choice for many projects, from prototyping to long production runs.

The limitation of this material, however, resulted from its post-printing colouring: Nylon PA12 is grey on the outside, while on the inside, the melted powders are characterized by black colour. This characteristic limits its coloured applications, as it could only be dyed black or painted. Varnishing, however, restricts the mechanical applications by adding a few microns to the total thickness of the component or by covering minute details.

For a long time, some of our customers have felt the need for more variety in the colouring of Nylon PA12. And finally we have it. Over the past few months, HP has worked non-stop to develop a white version of PA12 that, while maintaining the same mechanical behaviour for which it has been appreciated, could also be dyed if necessary.

Nylon PA12 White is now available as an EMEA premiere by Weerg: and you can try it only for €1 for a limited time.


nylon pa12 white sample piece


The new HP Multi Jet Fusion 5420W

For some weeks now, the new Multi Jet Fusion 5420W, which had been presented on 14th November 2022 at FormNext in Frankfurt and which are needed to print Nylon PA12 White, have been arriving in Weerg. Weerg R&D department has been working non-stop to optimize the production cycle and ensure mass production of the new material in order to launch it onto the market.

The first tests that were conducted on this material have proven phenomenal: the mechanical properties are equal to common PA12 and isotropic in all axes. In addition, the material maintains tolerance to high temperatures. This allows it to be safely used for all projects where PA12 Grey was used. Moreover, we have started the first beta tests on the dyeing of the material, with very satisfying results: you will even be able to experience them in the coming months.

The new 5420W machines allow a further step forward for 3D Printing: thanks to the production of both white and coloured parts, the gap with traditional technologies is overcome. With the same mechanical properties, 3D printing allows us to remove start-up costs, such as the production of moulds, and to produce functional prototypes and entire runs with the same process. In addition, the optimized production cycle allows us a constant flow of production with the possibility of ordering and receiving components within 2 days.


nylon pa12 white MJF


nylon pa12 white 3d printed


Data courtesy by Odo Fioravanti for Maison 203

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