Design Guidelines for CNC machining

Workpiece dimensions


10 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm

Maximum size available is 460x460x400mm but may vary with the materials; Please check the specific data for your chosen material.

Wall thickness

Nominal thickness of your workpiece should be greater than 1 mm. Your workpiece may contain sections that are up to 0.5 mm in thickness, but nominal thickness of your piece in itself should be larger than 1 mm. Watch out for details that are less than 0.5 mm because they usually won't survive the working process. In any case our pre-processing report will inform you beforehand if your project has any of these issues.


Our equipment versatility and precision allows choosing between 3 tolerance levels: ±0.05mm, ±0.07mm, ±0.10mm

Technical limitations

1) Type engraving:
minimum rod width of 0.3mm and max depth of 1mm: by clicking here you will find a list of specifically created characters for the CNC, including some free ones. These restrictions are implemented to avoid long processing periods when using unsuitable characters.

2) gorges, pockets and radii:
minimum dimensions: 1 mm

3) minimum convex corner radius:
minimum dimensions: 1 mm

4) bearing tolerances or other specifications:
Sometimes we receive technical drawings or notes with special tolerances for bearing points or other details, we rely only on geometry with tolerances of ± 0.10mm, ± 0.07mm or ± 0.05mm and such indications will NOT be considered.

5) threads: maximum depth of 7 times its diameter, if a hole is positioned next to a wall, length starts from the edge of that same wall.

6) walls: minimum thickness 1 mm.

7) blind hole threads are applied at a maximum of 3/4 of the hole

Surface finishing

We currently offer 2 types of finishes:

No finishing:

Workpiece is delivered in the same conditions as how it comes out from our utensil machine with milling streak marks on it (this may not be the best but the workpiece is extremely and technically accurate).

Ceramic shot peening finishing process:

Adds a fine finishing sandblasting effect to the workpiece.

External threads and threaded holes

We perform external or internal threads also metric rolled threads M and MF from M2 to M16 and GAS from 1/4, 1/8, 1/2 and 3/4. Due to absence of unified criteria for defining threads between various CAD packages, internal thread drawing is not necessary just draw pre-hole holes with the correct ISO diameter of the desired thread, such as 4.2 mm for an M5. Blind hole threads are applied at a maximum of 3/4 of the hole.
External holes can be done until 2 mm to the end of the cylinder, if you need to close it all, please design a 2 mm groove on the bottom


Here's the list of the CNC machining materials, click here to check the features and datasheets. For real time updates on new material arrivals please sign up for our newsletter.

  • Aluminum 7075
  • Aluminum 6082
  • Aluminum 5083
  • OT58 Brass
  • CuSn12 Bronze
  • c101 Copper
  • Delrin - POM C
  • Nylon Cast 6