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Clear Translucent Resin

Clear Translucent resin finds applications in all contexts where the need for a translucent material is functional to the project, working with light or with models that have to show their internal operation.

  • Perfect translucent aesthetic performance, characterized by a smooth and uniform finish

  • MSLA printing has a high level of detail of 50 µm

  • Possibility of polishing and post-production to achieve high transparency

Clear Resin is made after processing with a Translucent finish or frost effect, which guarantees a pleasant and homogeneous aesthetic performance. MSLA printing also allows you to achieve a high degree of detail, with layers of 50µm.

  • Processing:
    • 3D MSLA Stereolithography
  • Alternative nomenclature:
    • Translucent Resin
    • Translucent Resin
  • Price range:
  • Ideal for:
    • Modeling
    • Lighting Installations
    • LED Guides



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Application Sectors

Industrial sector
Medical sector
DIY sector

Production technologies

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