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Materials and finishes for every project


nylon PA12 sphere

Nylon PA12

Ideal for functional prototipes and final parts. The parts are 100% filled. Good chemical and thermical resistance.

  • Starting from 0,23€/cm³
nylon PA12GB sphere

Nylon PA12 GB

Being 40% charged with small glass spheres, it's ideal for big and flat parts. It is dimensionally very precise.

  • Starting from 0,28€/cm³
nylon PA11 sphere

Nylon PA11

Ideal for functional and moving parts. The parts are 100% filled. Good resistance to impacts, fatigue, oils and fuels.

  • Starting from 0,29€/cm³
Polypropylene sphere

Polypropylene PP

This material is light and chemically resistant. Low humidity absorption. Ideal both for functional prototipes and final parts.

  • Starting from 0,28€/cm³
ABS Like resin sphere

ABS Like resin

Ideal for very smooth surfaces and high level of detail. Better for parts that are not too mechanically stressed.

  • Starting from 0,26€/cm³
nylon PA12 + Carbon sphere

Extreme PA12 + Carbon

This material is light and rigid. It has good specific resistance, chemical resistance, and thermic resistance.

  • Starting from 0,31€/cm³
Peek Amorphous sphere

Amorphous Peek

This lightweight material has exceptional mechanical properties and high thermal and chemical resistance.

  • Starting from 1,25€/cm³

Our technology makes you save money

Our fleet of HP MultiJet Fusion is the biggest in Europe and makes us achieve high efficiency levels. And we keep every day investing in innovations.

  • 12 MJF 5210 printers
  • 12 LHERR printers 4000 (SLA)
  • FDM Technology
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Perfect prints in every detail

    •  ABS Like resin sphere
    • Nylon PA12 GB

      No finish

    3D printed little elephant
    • Nylon sphere
    • Nylon PA12

      Black semimatt

    3D printed component with PA12 nylon
    • Amorphous Peek sphere
    • Peek

      No finish

    Amorphous peek 3D printed component
    • Nylon PA12 + carbon sphere
    • Nylon PA12 + Carbon

      Black classic

    3D printed component in Nylon PA12 + Carbon
    • Amorphous peek sphere
    • Peek

      No finish

    Componente stampato in 3D in Peek Amorfo
    • sfera di nylon PA12 + Carbonio
    • Nylon PA12 + Carbon

      Black Classic

    3D printed component in Nylon PA12 + Carbon
    • Nylon PA11 sphere
    • Nylon PA11

      No finish

    Nylon PA11 3D printed component
    • Polypropylene sphere
    • Polypropylene PP

      No finish

    Polypropylene 3D printed component
    • Nylon PA12GB sphere
    • Nylon PA12GB

      No finish

    Nylon PA12GB 3D printed component
    • Amorphous Peek sphere
    • ABS like resin

      No finish

    ABS like resin 3D printed component

Quality parts to your desk in 3 days

We handle your order completely in-house with our cutting edge technologies, reducing production time. This way, we can guarantee your delivery in record time.

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Our delivery partners are BRT for our italian customers and DHL, FEDEX or DPD for our customers abroad.

Upload 1 or more files (.stl o .stp)

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Frequently asked questions

What requirements must my 3D model have to be compliant?

You can upload a .stp or .stl file of your model with a maximum size of 150MB. Find more information on the guidelines for 3d printing here.

What are the payment and billing methods?

You can pay for your order with credit and debit cards of the main circuits, Paypal or via Wallet credit. For orders over € 250 we also accept payments by bank transfer in advance, or within 60 days for orders over € 5000. The invoice will be immediately available in your personal section after the order.

Do you make or modify 3D CAD files for my project?

No, we don't offer this service. Furthermore, throughout the printing phase, your file will not be modified by anyone to ensure total privacy.

What are the minimum thicknesses that my project must have to be realized?

MJF and SLA technologies can handle very thin walls but, to be sure to receive pieces of adequate quality, the walls must be at least 1mm thick, while for FDM technology we suggest at least 3mm. You can proceed with the creation of thicknesses of less than 1 mm by checking the appropriate box when ordering.

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“Das war das erste mal mit Weerg. Upload der Dateien, Materialauswahl und...“

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“For prototypes it is great production with short terms and reasonable cost.”

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